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Helping people save money is core to our company’s values and mission.

In 2008 we launched SmartyPig, a goal-based savings site that helps people and families save money for specific goals. In the five years since, we have processed more than $5 billion in transactions, helping people reach their goals, and in many instances, change the way they manage their finances. We help them get back to the way things use to be, when you actually saved up for something before buying it.

In January of 2012, we changed our name to Social Money, and created a white-label version of SmartyPig called GoalSaver, allowing any bank to integrate goal-saving technology into its own website. Later that year, we launched GoalSaver with our first client, ICICI Bank, the largest privately held bank in India with more than 25 million customers. And shortly thereafter we began working with some of the biggest financial services companies in the world, helping them offer goal-based savings, too, so that no matter where you are or where you bank, you, too, can save up for the things you want. 

But you know what? No matter the size of the client or the size of its customer base, our values and mission have not ever changed. And today we are extremely excited to announce that we are going to start helping even more people save.

Our company’s third product, CorePro, is the most simple and cost-effective core-processing platform for prepaid card companies, merchants, PFM, payroll companies and startups to integrate savings accounts into their own online and mobile solutions.

Over the past few years we've had many companies and startups approach us looking for the core technology to issue and manage FDIC-insured savings accounts from within their own online or mobile solution. Many of them had tried to build the solution themselves, while others tried to outsource it to third-party service providers. But more often than not, the cost and time to launch was prohibitive. Until now.

We're excited to see what companies build on top of the CorePro API. We'll be in closed beta for the next few months but please contact us for more information in the meantime at sales@corepro.io.


- Mike Ferrari, Founder


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