CorePro is the most simple and cost effective core processing platform for fintechs, start-ups, banks and credit unions to add bank accounts and debit cards to their online and mobile solutions.

The CorePro API provides core-processing solutions for Savings, DDA and FBO FDIC-insured bank accounts. CorePro's core processing platform can facilitate bank regulated on-boarding (KYC, OFAC, out-of-wallet) of customers, generate and process NACHA files, initiate ACH transfers, accrue and pay interest, generate monthly e-statements and 1099s and electronically submit 1099s to the IRS.

"We recognize CorePro as leaders in innovation. Their APIs enable our team of creators, designers and developers at to rapidly build and deliver new goal-savings features in our app — creating value for our customers and our business."

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Everything You Need


CorePro: FDIC Insurance

 FDIC Insurance

CorePro works with leading financial institutions throughout the country to issue FDIC-insured bank accounts. And we can work with your bank, too.


CorePro: Account & Routing

Account & Routing

Each bank account issued by CorePro includes an account and routing number that your customers use for external funding, such as payroll deposit.



CorePro: KYC Compliance

KYC Compliance

When issuing a bank account, CorePro performs the mandatory bank audited identity verification to comply with bank and federal regulators. 

CorePro: ACH Processing

ACH Processing

The CorePro API gives any company the ability to transfer funds to and from an issued bank account, at a mere fraction of the cost of other ACH providers.


CorePro: Statements & 1099


CorePro generates an electronic monthly statement for each issued bank account accessible via the API. At tax time, CorePro will generate an electronic 1099 and submit to the IRS on your customers' behalf. 


CorePro: Administration


CorePro provides a robust IP-restricted administration site to manage your customers' bank accounts. View statistics, transactions, and perform basic customer support functions like voiding and reversing transactions.


The Security You Expect


CorePro: Security, Compliance, Redundancy, Scalability, Azure, Cloud

Secure & Compliant

CorePro is SSAE 18, PCI compliant and undergoes routine ethical hack and code reviews. Data is encrypted utilizing AES 256 encryption and all web services are HTTPS/SSL.


Redundancy & Scalability

CorePro is securely hosted on Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud hosting platform, providing world-class hosting, scalability, failover and mirrored across multiple data centers to provide geo-redundancy.

Adding bank accounts to your online or mobile solution is easier than you think.
Just ask your developers to check out our API.

Who Should Use CorePro?


CorePro: PrePaid


By adding savings goals you can extend the life of and increase the spend on your card, engage your customers using pre-spend data they provide, and cut unnecessary costs that are standing in the way of you and more profits.


CorePro: Merchants


Super charge your wish list, gift registry, layaway or loyalty program and let customers save up for the very products you sell, while helping you gain insight and leverage into when they will actually spend those dollars... and on what products.


CorePro: PFM Providers

PFM Providers

Looking to add more sizzle to your PFM solution? How about building in the ability for your customers to create real savings accounts to save for the things most important in their life? Adding goals to PFM has never been easier.  

CorePro: Startups


Are you creating the next big thing and looking to add bank accounts to your new business? It's never been easier and more cost effective with CorePro. So go ahead and be creative. Think big! And integrate bank accounts into your new online or mobile solution. 


CorePro: Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Do you want to attract and retain clients using an innovative employee benefit no one else is offering? Do you want to get in between your clients’ employees and their banks so as to influence spend? CorePro is your solution.

CorePro: Private Label


Do you want to help people of all walks of life start saving? Do you need a cost-effective solution to make it happen? CorePro is being utilized by some of the world's biggest foundations to the smallest community organizations for pennies a day.

Interested in being a bank for companies using the CorePro bank platform?

CorePro delivers amazing opportunities to supplement bank growth opportunities.
Bank and FDIC compliant • Low-to-no-cost Core deposits • Cross-bank relationship opportunities


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