A Complete Solution

Before now, integrating a bank account into your online or mobile solution was incredibly difficult. You'd need to find a program manager, partner with a bank, find a core processing platform and work with lawyers drafting up the necessary contracts – only to realize that you still have to figure out how to make all these systems talk to one another. CorePro makes all that unnecessary by providing everything you need to issue and manage FDIC-Insured bank accounts for your customers. We've partnered with leading financial institutions to issue the bank accounts, and our API lets customers add and withdraw funds via ACH and access monthly statements, while generating 1099 tax statements that are then filed with the IRS on their behalf. 



CorePro gives you complete control. Set minimum and maximum limits on a customer's individual and aggregate daily transactions, set deposit and withdrawal hold times, and manage RegD transaction withdrawal limits all from your CorePro administration site.



Multiple Accounts.

CorePro is the only processor solution that allows you to create multiple bank accounts per customer for one very low cost, making CorePro perfect for retailers looking to integrate savings into a wish list or layaway program or companies wanting to integrate goal-based savings into an online or mobile solution. 



Real-Time Transfers

Do you need to facilitate real-time transfers from your existing financial product into a savings account? Companies with an existing financial product like a prepaid card account may easily facilitate real-time transfers to a CorePro bank account. All you need to do is maintain a reserve account at our partner bank, which we can help you set up when you are ready to start.





We designed the CorePro API  in a very RESTful way, so that your consumption of it is simple and straightforward. The API makes use of verbs so that developers always know exactly what they are trying to accomplish (i.e. account/create), and utilizes only HTTP GET and POST methods to ensure compatibility.


Robust Administration Site

 Role-based access to the information, reports and tools you'll need to service your customers' accounts efficiently and monitor your usage and consumption of the API.




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By Developers, For Developers

CorePro was designed from the ground up by our team of developers who understand, all too well, the challenges of building financial products (and specifically bank accounts) for online and mobile solutions. We're dedicated to building an awesome solution and have the experience to make it happen. Checkout our API and let us know if you have any questions.